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Academy Payments

$2,333.00 for now and $1,833.00 for each 1 month with 6 installments

Included alongside the full schedule is the Apple Logic Pro X certification course & exam, UK grades & exam, field trips, 1-2-1 mentoring, unlimited short course membership and studio time in our professional mixing & mastering facility. We are a boutique school and have never had an instance where a learner feels they haven’t had enough time in the studio.

Registration fee is $500. If everything is paid upfront, the total tuition is fee $9999, which is to be paid by check on the first day. iMac rental for those who prefer not to bring in their own laptop is $400 for the whole program.

Monthly payments are available for an additional charge of 10%: –

  • Six-month schedule is four equal monthly installments from the first day of class: $9999 + 10% = $10998.90 = $2749 per month x 4
  • Academic year schedule is six equal monthly installments from the fist day of class: $9999 + 10% = $10998.90 = $1833 per month x 6
  • Two-year schedule is eight equal monthly installments from the first day of class: $9999 + 10% = $10998.90 = $1374 per month x 8

An admin fee of $200 will be added for each late payment. We don’t like to say ‘penalty’, but we need to be compensated for time chasing payments. We decided this was fairer than making the course fee slightly more for everyone.

All learners who have paid their registration fee will be in the system and will be notified when further action needs to be taken.

To pay your $500 registration fee, just use the ‘Add To Cart’ button below and pay with a card. Please do not pay your registration fee until you have applied and have been accepted.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we’ll look forward to meeting you soon!

Next Payment on: January 1, 2022

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