Special Guest Workshops

April: Sound Design and Intro to Ableton

with Isaac Cotec, Certified Ableton Instructor
Isaac Cotec - Ableton Certified Trainer

Isaac Cotec – Ableton Certified Trainer

We’re pleased to offer two different workshops for Isaac Cotec, including a free Ableton intro:

Workshop #1
Workshop #2

Teacher Bio:

Isaac Cotec, aka Subaqueous, started making electronic based music in the summer of 2005 working with a project called Psyche Sonics. Psyche Sonics is an experimental group working with binaural beats and altering consciousness through sounds. The Project traveled in a large yurt that moved around the PNW on tour as a musical Art installation. It was featured in such festivals as BelovedEmerg+n+see, Oracle Gatherings, and others.

After touring with his experimental and ambient based project Isaac Cotec continued to make music and grow as a musician. As of March 12th, 2011 the unique character and sound of Subaqueous was born.

Isaac Cotec not only performs music for transformation festivals and fusion dances, but he is also dedicated to inspiring other musicians through education. Isaac Cotec is an Ableton Live Certified Trainer that works with high schools, colleges, and private institutions to help musicians reach their musical goals.


September: Electronic Music Production

with Cello Joe

Cello Joe - BeatBoxing Cellist

Cello Joe, looper extraordinaire will hold a 2-hour workshop to discuss the detailed mechanics of his live performance techniques.

Teacher Bio:

Known for being the wildest beatboxing cellist in the west, Cello Joe does live looping and Ableton production with his sets.

CelloJoe records live on stage with a loop pedal and produces intricate tapestries of harmony, melody, and rhythm. His beatboxing (vocal percussion) and funky cello grooves form a rich soundscape for intelligent lyrics and his music spreads love, joy, laughter, and conscious vibrations.

Applying all of these techniques to their limit, CelloJoe creates music with styles ranging from dubstep to folk to rock to classical to hip hop.  Come to the workshop to see how he does it!


Ongoing Events

Free weekly meetups: Beer & Beats

Our studio offers an open space to connect and create.  Open to seasoned pros or budding creators alike, this session is one of the most popular and inspiring events we run.

Note: due to the shelter-in-place restrictions for Coronvirus, these sessions are currently held online via Zoom.  But they’ve still been poppin’!