Welcome to SF Garnish Music Production Workshops, where we produce special events with our most talented staff and guest speakers. This page is updated monthly with our upcoming free and paid events. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Upcoming paid workshops:

David Satori – TBD

Isaac Cotec – TBD

Upcoming free workshops:

9/6/20 Cello Joe – Electronic Music Production workshop from 7 – 9 pm FREE 

Cello Joe - BeatBoxing Cellist

known for being the wildest beatboxing cellist in the west, Cello Joe does live looping and Ableton production with his sets, plus collaborates with countless other artists using file sharing and other easy Ableton linking techniques.

Free weekly meetups: Beer & Beats

Studio B offers a space for 24+ students plus teachers with a drop-down screen projector, studio speakers and sub connected with a day/night screen projector for day and night courses. If you like the facilities and teaching style, we have classes year-round with hour commitments ranging from 36 to 430 hours.