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Mixing & Mastering Music Production Course | Oakland 

We believe the best way to learn is in small, concentrated groups. So, at Garnish, the classes for our Mixing and Mastering Course are no bigger than 8 people. If you’re wanting to add punch, depth and clarity to your mixes, this is the way to do it! The lessons are an intoxicating mix of classic and innovative modern techniques, along with tips and tricks to keep your interest piqued! If you’re ready to start experimenting with technique and concepts to transform your music projects, this is the course for you. You’ll also realize you’re saving a fortune on engineers and studio time by being able to bring these skills out in yourself. Better still, this course will cater for all DAW users and all music genres.

Garnish achieves this by using the third-party software Fabfilter, which runs on all popular DAWs. It’s not essential for participants to own them for this course if they use Pro Tools, Logic or Ableton, but we’d still recommend them highly. If you find that you do want to buy them, as a GMP learner, you’ll qualify for a 50% discount, wherever you are in the world.

The course will afford you 36 hours of focussed learning in your small class, where you’ll be able to ask questions, share tips and findings with like-minded fellow students and tutors to get the answers that you need. Sharing your problems and inspirations in this way is an invaluable learning tool, and we feel this very interactive aspect of the course runs rings around online courses and tutorials.

We’re committed to helping you complete the course, so if you are unlucky enough to miss a session or two due to illness or holiday clashes, we’ll always do our best to get you booked into a future cycle of your choice so that you can catch up. Extensive accompanying notes will be made available as standard and they are put together by the experts who develop our courses.

We’ve made it possible for our students to use their own laptops for this course, so you can get it set up just the way you want, and so that it looks the same at home as it does in the classroom. This will also save you a bit of cash, too… If you don’t want to do that, you can hire one of our iMacs. Each comes fully-loaded with software. To book one, just add a supplement of $75 at the same time as you book your course. We’re always able to provide headphones, audio interfaces and controller keyboards for anyone that needs them.


EQ, Environment, Acoustics, and Separation

  • Studio monitor speaker design
  • Acoustics and acoustically treating your home studio
  • All about mono, stereo and 5.1 in your software DAW
  • The art of balancing and panning
  • EQ workshop


  • Hearing dynamics
  • In-depth with all the parameters of dynamic controllers
  • Types of compression circuitry, their digital emulations, what to use & why
  • Parallel dynamic processing
  • Gates and de-essing tips
  • Dynamics controller tips to achieve clarity in your mix

Reverbs, Delays and Other FX

  • Types of reverb and delay, where to use them
  • In-depth with all the parameters
  • Spatialization with convolution reverbs and delays
  • Phaser, flanger, chorus, pitch shifters, harmonizers and creative FX
  • Tips on how to make your records come to life with FX


Vocals, Automation and Getting Creative in the Mix Process

  • Filtering and samples
  • Vocoder, Ring Modulators, Envelopers, Auto panning, distortion and bit crushing
  • Preparing vocals, vocal comping and tuning vocals
  • Getting separation between lead and BVs
  • Tips on automating levels (rides)

Mixing Electronic Music

  • Side-chaining dynamic controllers and filters for ducking, FX and punch
  • Getting creative with reverb and delay
  • Making thin sounds bigger
  • Mixing techniques which only apply to electronic music but are very useful to know for everyone
  • Electronic music listening critique (bring in your tracks if you wish)
  • Electronic music mix analytics – analyze the mix elements of your favorite tunes

Introduction to Mastering

  • Using references to get your EQ and separation. A/B’ing
  • EQ, brick wall limiting, levels and phase
  • Using mastering plugins – dos and don’ts
  • The best metering tools
  • Live music listening critique (bring in your tracks if you wish)
  • Live music mix analytics – analyze the mix elements of your favorites live and acoustic tracks

Our Instructors!

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    The instructor was amazing. To be able to learn mixing and mastering in 36 hours is unbelievable!


    I have taken about 3 mixing courses online and learned something from each. This by far was the most helpful because it tied everything together and having a hands-on approach is the best. The instructor was super enthusiastic and patient as well. For the price and being a one week full session, nothing else compares.

    Biren M Patel

    The teacher is awesome, his enthusiasm and knowledge makes the class a blast while taking in tons of useful tips/techniques.


    Darryl Swann. Enough said. He is a passionate, humble, experienced, and incredible human. He would help any of his students in anyway he could and he loves teaching. We now work together outside of Garnish and I couldn't be happier to have connected with him through Garnish.

    Patrick McCutcheon

    I came into the class with a good understanding of my DAW (Logic Pro X course here at Garnish) but minimal knowledge of mixing/mastering. I thought the class was a great supplement to the knowledge I gained from the Logic Pro X course. I never felt lost, and now know how to achieve a clean mix and master.

    Kevin Yee

    I won't change anything. I learned and enjoyed a lot! Good location and neighborhood, nice people and easy parking.

    Mono Villa

    I've been producing music for 15-20 years and even have a recording arts degree. The instructors were absolutely amazing and helped me grasp mixing and mastering in a very relatable down to earth way. I feel like my production has finally taken the step up it needed. Loved the class and would love to take more courses at Garnish. Great learning

    Jeremy Wells

    Instructors are well-experienced and can speak from tremendous amounts of real-world experience. They are also very passionate - not just about music and working in the industry, but they are passionate about teaching and getting the students the best learning experience possible. This makes a big difference in how successful the course is for the students… We were also able to get a lot of detailed and hands-on work - which was great!

    Alan G

    Garnish mix classes helped me the strengthen and expand my knowledge in mixing and mastering techniques immensely. With Grammy-winning engineers, what more could you hope for?!

    Bernardo Passarinho

    At last I have a clear perspective of how mixing and mastering works!

    Andres Alzate

    definitely learned so much in this course. The techniques on mixing and mastering that I learned in this class really helped me take my music to another level.

    Raymond Medina

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