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360° Electronic Music
Academy – Graded in London

This is a course for people who are serious about their aspirations to produce high quality electronic music. In classes of no more than seven people, the Garnish student gets tutored by top-drawer electronic music producers and DJs. They also get the chance to record and release tracks, partake in remix projects and compose and create for all manner of media, like computer game soundtracks and advertisements.

As well as homework and the 360 hours of classroom time with mentoring sessions, the course participants get to write and produce, mix, and master their own EP.

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360° Songwriting & Production
Academy – Graded in London

Do you want to be able to write and produce songs that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those that can be heard in the charts? Want to learn this in a class that has no more than 8 people in it? You’ll be wanting to sign up to our Songwriting & Music Production Academy Program, then! We cover Rock, Urban, Pop, Singer/Songwriter and Commercial Dance. Learning the skills from these will contribute towards your standing out in your chosen genre.

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120-Hour Certified Music Producer Programs

Ableton Producer Program

Our Ableton Producer Program is a 120-hour course (with one-to-one mentoring), that has been designed for music producers wanting to get a great understanding of electronic music production. This is world-class training and mentoring of the highest order in the Ableton Live Suite. Students will produce a fit-for-release EP of their own work during a 6-level program that will see them gain Garnish’s own Ableton Producer certificate upon successful completion of the course.

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Logic Producer Program

This course promises 120 hours (plus one-to-one mentoring) dedicated to giving the avid student the capability to create and produce professional-sounding songs in the most popular genres of music. Via a mix of timely mentoring and hands-on learning, participants can have their own completed EP ready to go by the end of the course. No more Garage Band for them!

Learning Logic Pro X, and all of its many add-ons, will result in a comprehensive knowledge that will allow the Garnish student to command a DAW that offers tremendous power. This program covers the necessary tools effectively and efficiently to furnish students with the know-how to produce music that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the quality of many of today’s favorite artists.

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More Music Production Courses

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  • Ableton Live Production

  • Logic Pro X

  • free-class-short-course

    Open House

  • The Art of Mixing & Mastering

  • Sound Design & Synthesis

  • Electronic Music DJ Course

  • Songwriting-short-courses

    Electronic Music Academy

  • Music Production Private Instruction

Featured Music Production Course Testimonials

Testimonials for our audio engineering schools, worldwide

Your SDP course is awesome. Perfect for DJs who want to take that all-important leap to produce their own music


I can’t believe how much better my mixes sound now I’ve done the mixing & mastering course

Toby Tobias

My logic course was paced perfectly. I’ve never learnt so much in six weeks before.

Robert Owens

I learnt so many things I did not know about before. I recommend Garnish for all levels

Rui Da Silva

I took the Garnish class and it opened up my eyes to the fundamentals of production.

J-Dog (Hollywood Undead)

Taking this course was probably one of the best decisions I have made in my career thus far

Mandi Perkins

It was really useful to fully understand the principles after all this time. I highly recommend Garnish

Mark Jenkyns

I needed some Logic training, so I called Garnish because they are the best

Jamie Jones

I loved the small classes that made it easy to interact with the instructor and let you tailor the course to your needs


I wouldn’t change anything about any of the courses I did.

Stefan Olsdal (Placebo)

Critically acclaimed 432-hour + uncapped studio time Electronic Music and Songwriting & Production Academy Programs.

    • Learn how to produce the quality music you love right here in the Bay Area
    • 432 hours of class offered on our Academy, which can be taken from six months to two years
    • Shorter 120-hour Producer Programs in Ableton Live or Logic Pro
    • Get the latest news on our staff and students here: #garnishglobalcollective

We are the only music production school in America endorsed by Apple and Ableton.

We also offer shorter 36-hour music production courses, delivered at our SF Bay school by the same award-winning instructors, for people who just want to learn to produce quality, professional sounding music by choosing from our music production school ‘menu’ exactly what they want, just 36-hours at a time. From an introduction to music production for complete beginners learning Logic, Ableton, or Pro Tools for the first time, to accomplished professionals in all genres of music who prefer real interaction and structure to learn the latest music production software, or learn a new area of music production including mixing & mastering, and sound design & synthesis, but don’t want the pain of reading indecipherable manuals and magazines, or to trawl through inconsistent online videos.