Music Production Private Instruction

Music Production Private Instruction | San Francisco & Oakland

For specific learning needs, we also offer private lessons for most courses, including Ableton LiveLogic ProPro ToolsMixing & MasteringSound Design, and much more, for people who want to take our classes, but are unable to commit to our schedule, want a bespoke experience, or want to train in a private and discrete setting. NDA? No problem.

Private Instruction

• 24-hour package: $1680 ($70 per hour). Excludes studio fees if a studio or location is required
• Hourly tuition fee: $110 per hour. Cannot later be factored into a 24-hour package. Excludes studio fees if a studio is required
• Add 50% for each additional person
• Payment plans available

Locations in San Francisco and Oakland

• At our acoustically treated pro studio: Add $20 p/h
• At your home/studio/hotel: No additional fee, but reasonable travel costs may be added
• In a classroom at our facility: $10 p/h, subject to availability

Online: Choose your perfect mentor by checking out all of our instructor pages from all of our sites around the world, then let us know exactly what you’d like to do, along with who you like the look of.

When you’re ready to book or have any questions, connect with us!

Our Testimonials

Good structure and reinforcement, instructor open to answering all questions and being as helpful as possible covering a wide variety of topics.

Suzy Lamb

I work with some of the biggest music producers in the industry on a daily basis. Now I understand how they do what they do.

Shaun Royer

It was great and totally hands-on. I understood exactly what I needed, and the instructor was patient, quick, totally sorted out my computer as well. I like that I was able to use the time I had in LA to learn something I have been wanting to for a while. When I started my conversation with admissions, I was quite confused, but he sorted me out. I think for someone who might be trying to make their mind up, the guidance provided by the school could be very helpful in planning their moves!

Anushka Manchanda

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