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The Best Music Classes.  Now Online.

Every creator needs an outlet. Now more than ever. With you in mind, we are offering an exciting series of new workshops. Free.

Live Remote Attendance bookings for our most popular courses: This includes all of our 36-hour Production Courses and both of our 120-hour Producer Programs, with the discount pro-rated if you wish to finish your course in person at our facility.

Get the personal attention you deserve. We’ll give you the same, award-winning, in-person experience you get in our physical classrooms — all from home. Ask questions, practice, get feedback, share your screen, and get help. We are here to teach you and motivate you. In person. See how our classes work in the video below.

So tune in. Participate. Train with us. Join our community and let’s make something amazing together!

See our upcoming schedules and sign up below. Courses begin every 1-2 months:

Online Class Sample


Coming from someone who typically says no to “virtual connectivity” and prefers notebooks to screens, I’ve discovered there are actually many benefits in learning from home. So if you’re considering holding off on taking your music classes until physical schools reopen, I would strongly advise against.

The online classes are going beautifully. It’s so easy to interact and learn. Everyone can see each other, hear each other — all from the comfort of our homes where we can be relaxed and where our minds are potentially more open. I just had an extremely productive lesson, and I am already home, with my gear, applying what we have gone over. Amazing.

There are a variety of ways our instructors guide us through projects. It’s easy to see their screens, and easy to share our own. There is a chatbox where we can send each other files and links, and you can shut off your video (or audio) at any time during the class if you’re feeling shy or want to process the information privately (or, yes, make a coffee).

It’s also been very nice getting to meet instructors from different Garnish locations. This is a time for artists to stay connected and grow together, and I feel grateful to have this music community during these times.

Thank you Garnish.”

— Lauren Marie