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Mixing & Mastering



Classes starting second week of December and first week of January, lasting 6-8 weeks.

Learn to mix and master at the world’s boutique music production school, in small class sizes for the best personalized experience, now with the option to pay in interest free installments.
Bring clarity, depth, and punch to your mixes in any genre, in any DAW. Discover a range of classic and innovative mixing techniques shared by our active industry audio engineers.

This class is for anyone looking to take their music from production, all the way to the radio. You will learn how to navigate the industry as an audio engineer, mixing for clients or yourself, and will train your ears to be ready for any project that comes your way.

View the dropdown boxes below to discover what you will learn in this class. Listed material is not in chronological order, and class material is not limited to these topics.

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Mixing & Mastering

EQ, Environment, Acoustics & Separation
  • Studio monitor speaker design
  • Acoustics and physics
  • How to use your ears for mixing
  • The art of balancing and panning
  • All about mono and stereo
  • EQ
  • All about compression
  • In-depth with the parameters
  • Types of compression circuitry (optical, valve, etc.) and their digital emulations
  • Parallel dynamic processing
  • Gates and de-essers
  • Dynamic controller tips to achieve clarity in your mix
Reverbs, Delays & Other FX
  • Types of reverb and delay, where and how to use them
  • In-depth with all the parameters
  • Spatialisation with convolution reverbs and delays
  • Phaser, flanger, chorus, pitch shifters, harmonisers and creative FX
  • Tips on how to make your records come to life with FX
Mixing Vocals
  • Preparing vocals, vocal comping and tuning vocals
  • Getting separation between lead and BVs
  • Tips on automating levels (rides)
  • FX Chains for your vocal sound
Creative Mixing
  • Filtering and samples
  • Vocoder, Ring Modulators, Envelopers, Auto-panning, distortion and bit crushing
  • Sidechaining dynamic controllers and filters for FX
  • Getting creative with reverb and delay
  • Pitch shifters, harmonisers and creative FX
  • Saturation
  • Automation
Analysis & The Final Mix
  • Active listening and critiquing of released mixes
  • Analysis and critique of your mixes
  • The mix revision process
  • Preparing your mix for the master process
  • Using references to get your EQ and separation. A/Bing
  • EQ, brick wall limiting, levels, and phase
  • Which mastering plugins to use – dos and don’ts
  • Other useful metering tools and techniques
Additional Information
  • Use your own laptop, or use our macbooks free of charge.
  • Headphones are available to use.
  • Personal USB drive or SSD for storing your files is recommended
  • Our small class sizes allow for instructors to curate class content to the students wants and needs.
  • Students receive access to numerous discounts on production software.

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