Electronic Music DJ Course

Electronic Music DJ Course | San Francisco

The Garnish Electronic Music DJ course is a split-level course that incorporates the chance to play your own DJ slot at a club night at various prestigious locations in downtown San Francisco – assuming you make the grade! To date, every student has!

The course has been devised in such a way that it caters for both beginners and bedroom DJs. And there’s no better way to learn from one of our exceptional roster of Electronic Music DJ instructors than in a group that never exceeds five students. In our DJ lab, you’ll find a generous selection of all the industry-standard gear that you’d expect to find in respectable club venues. This includes Pioneer Nexus decks with Rekordbox, Serato, Native Instruments Traktor with S8 controllers and even some vinyl decks (Technics 1200s) for the avid student to get to grips with. The whole course has been designed to be fun, and not some stuffy set of lectures – as that’s the best way to learn. If learning to play the most popular genres of electronic music under these terms sounds good to you, it’s time to sign up!

This is a fully comprehensive course offering an experience of your tutor and fellow-participants in the popular electronic music genre. Previously, we were not able to run genre-specific courses for DJs as our instructors couldn’t cover the specific music tastes of all participants – getting the perfect instructor was a matter of luck! Now that we’ve been able to specialize, we’re delighted to be able to offer this Electronic Music DJ course, where every participant can be secure in the knowledge that only like-minded fellows and instructors are taking part.

We aren’t able to guarantee that club nights will always be scheduled directly after your course, so if you’re attending this San Francisco course from further afield, that’s definitely worth bearing in mind. Therefore, if you aren’t able to make the lineup on the date in question, but would like to do so on a future night, please note that we’ll do our very best to make that happen.


Let’s Go

  • Equipment, set up, and ready to go
  • Mixer essentials
  • Beats and bars
  • Intro to beat matching
  • The structure of electronic music

Arrangement of Electronic Music

  • Pitch and identifying dissonance (known as clashing)
  • Where to mix in and mix out
  • Differences you need to know between Trap/Bass and ‘Four-On-The-Floor’

Building a Set

  • Tips on track choice
  • Tempo
  • Set order
  • Mix points
  • Teaser mixes


  • Introduction to common FX
  • EQ
  • All about filtering
  • FX in the mix dos and don’ts

Our Pro Hardware & Software

  • Traktor S4 and S8
  • CDJ Nexus
  • Rekordbox
  • Rane Serato Scratch
  • Technics SL-1210 vinyl turntables
  • Mixed In Key


Your Set

  • Fine-tuning your set
  • Mixing acapellas
  • Reading a crowd and having a ‘plan b’

Advanced Mixing & Digital Tricks

  • Sampling and triggering
  • All about delay and reverb in the mix
  • Looping and making your own mash-ups on the fly
  • Impact mixing with levels and FX
  • Body language behind the decks

Advanced Set Building & Ad-libbing

  • Out-of-the-box song choice
  • Tempo change tips
  • Music programming

Preparing for Your Show

  • Recording your set for submission
  • Marketing and promoting your gig

After Your Show at the Exchange

  • How to keep the momentum going and get more gigs
  • EPK tips
  • Developing your sound

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    I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for such an awesome experience. The classes Garnish offered and the final experience at Exchange LA was the push I needed to accelerate my new career and gave me confidence as a DJ.

    Matthew Naramore

    This kind of material and skill needs to be well TAUGHT. The instructors were excellent teachers and mentors. They are very passionate about the craft - and are extremely knowledgeable as well as experienced. But they also are very good at articulating the lessons and passing along that wisdom so we can learn... The course was an excellent mix of discussion as well as hands-on training. The instructors also set an exceptional tone for our classroom and created an environment that was motivating and optimal for learning. Great job!

    Eugene KirillovAlan Guno

    The Garnish DJ course gives you a full spectrum of experience from practicing your set, refining it, and then playing for an audience. The DJ course provided the knowledge and experience I needed to feel confident playing anywhere.

    Patrick Lewey

    I wanted to thank you once again for the great night yesterday! Thank you for the unbelievable chance to play in such a good and big place as Exchange Club and for the chance to feel amazing emotions Djing! I hope you liked it and were glad about my set. I appreciate your help and support during the night! I had really good time! Your school and particularly Dj class are fantastic!

    Eugene Kirillov

    I learned more in 6 days than a year of trying to learn on my own. Explained everything in an easy to understand format. Covered tons of material.

    Michelle Tsukamoto

    Lots of one on one, great break down, wonderful teacher. Awesome staff..I cant wait to take a production course to advance what I have learned in this class. Very positive, super supportive. I'm so happy I decided to cont. with my education..201 made everything gel in my brain from the first class especially when I started playing out. It all made sense.

    Bee Cregar

    Everything went really well in Ibiza this time and I had so much fun! I am so glad you taught me, you're the best xoxo

    Paris Hilton

    The classes were a game-changer. In just a few weeks I was playing at gigs with confidence and getting booked for more. I would never be where I am now without Garnish

    Nikki Pennie

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