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Welcome to our comprehensive DJ course! This 36 hour course will teach you the fundamentals of beat matching, blending songs together and creating a DJ set to impact the dancefloor. Class sizes never exceed 6 students to give you a hands on experience with your instructor.

By the end of our DJ course, you will not only possess the technical expertise to mix music seamlessly, but also the creativity to craft unforgettable experiences for your audience and navigate the ever-evolving music industry with confidence. Join us, and let’s turn your passion for music into a powerful art form that resonates with the world.

View the dropdown boxes below to discover what you will learn in this class. Listed material is not in chronological order, and class material is not limited to these topics.

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Getting Started
  • Which software is best for you?
  • Equipment, set up, and ready to go
  • Mixer essentials
  • Beats and bars
  • Preparing your music
  • Intro to beat matching
Arrangement of Music
  • Song structure and phrasing
  • Where to mix in and mix out?
  • Hot cues and mapping song structure
  • Understanding different genres, BPMs and beat structures
Building a Set
  • Setting a mood
  • Tips on track choice
  • Harmonic mixing
  • Changing tempos
  • Recording a demo
FX and Tools for Better Transitions
  • Introduction to common FX
  • EQ
  • All about filtering
  • FX in the mix do’s and dont’s
  • Looping
Our Pro Hardware & Software
  • Rekordbox
  • Serato
  • Mixing on turntables with vinyl and DVS
  • Mixed in Key
Preparing Your Set
  • Fine-tuning your mixes
  • Mixing acapellas
  • Mixing with stems
  • Reading a crowd and having a ‘plan b’
  • Tag teaming and playing with others
Industry Advice
  • Preparing for a live show
  • Networking tips
  • Be a better business person
  • Club vs. Wedding / Corporate events
  • Basic contracts
Live Streaming
  • Introduction to OBS streaming software
  • Audio / Video Setup
  • Adding graphic design and visual production to your stream
  • Where to stream to?
  • Set up and perform live for the final class project!
Additional Info
  • This class is for anyone wanting to DJ any genre
  • Bring your own DJ controller or we have DDJ-FLX4s for use in class

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