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Logic Pro X



Classes starting second week of December and first week of January, lasting 6-8 weeks.

Learn to produce high quality music in Logic Pro at the world’s boutique music production school, in small class sizes for the best personalized experience, now with the option to pay in interest free installments.

As well as being a music production course for beginners, our lessons are suitable for intermediate self-taught users. This course is perfect for producers and singer songwriters who want to expand their ability to create and finish tracks.

You will learn how to build a great workflow, use shortcuts and arrange your music with our team of active Bay Area industry producers and musicians.

View the dropdown boxes below to discover what you will learn in this class. Listed material is not in chronological order, and class material is not limited to these topics.

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Logic Pro Basics

Logic Pro Basics
  • Setting up Logic and overview of the interface
  • Workflow and file management
  • How to program MIDI and make beats
  • Using MIDI controllers
  • Quantizing and groove
  • Automation
  • Logic’s mixer
Instruments & FX
  • Logic’s virtual instruments
  • Logic’s FX and MIDI FX
  • Channel strips
  • Advanced automation
  • Where to find samples and sampling law
  • Sample packs and libraries
  • Filtering and manipulating samples
  • Chopping up loops
  • Advanced sampling techniques
Composition and Songwriting Techniques
  • Understanding instrumentation
  • Arrangement
  • Transposition
  • Music theory and rhythm study basics
  • Advanced rhythm and drum groove
Sound Engineering & Recording
  • Sound waves, frequency, and amplitude
  • Signal path and gain structure
  • Different types and applications of microphones
  • Vocal recording sessions
  • Mixing instruments and vocals
Advanced Logic Pro
  • Key command customization
  • Advance MIDI editing and hyper editing
  • Arrangement tools, folders, and global tracks
  • Flex Pitch and Flex Time
  • Manipulating tempo, time stretching
  • Busses & Routing
Music For Media
  • Importing and working with video
  • Working to a brief
  • Tempo mapping and time codes
  • Sound design and music for video games
Additional Information
  • Use your own laptop, or use our macbooks free of charge.
  • Headphones and controllers are available to use.
  • Personal USB drive or SSD for storing your files is recommended.
  • Our small class sizes allow for instructors to curate class content to the students wants and needs.
  • Students receive access to numerous discounts on production software.

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